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Build Process

Every MozzieCraft hull is hand-crafted with an attention to detail that not only results in high performance functionality, but an aesthetically pleasing piece of art we are proud to put our name on. Each MozzieCraft is designed using many of the same tools and techniques that the life-sized boat-builders employ. Starting with a real hull-form modeling program our boats are designed in a CAD-like environment. After our models have completed the design process, our master files are then sent out for cutting.

Our aluminum parts are cut by a CNC machine fitted with a high intensity laser. We use marine grade .060” 5052 aluminum sheet. Due to its’ formability, corrosion resistance and weldability 5052 aluminum is commonly used in pressure vessels, tanks, fitting, van bodies and of course actual and, in this case, model boat hulls. After the parts have been cut, they are fit together using a permanent TIG welding process. Because of the soft properties inherent with aluminum, we offer a powder coating option for a more durable and scratch resistant coating. For some though, the raw aluminum look with accumulated scuffs and scratches from use adds character and is preferable.

Our composite master files are similarly sent to a CNC machine. A 3-axis router cuts out the “plug” from a solid block of laminated wood which we use to pattern our moulds. We use marine grade gelcoat that we offer in a variety of colors and vinylester laminating resin for better impact and chemical resistance. Our open mould wet layup process results in consistently durable and uniform parts.